Angelica Serrano Keyser loves to read since age three. She remembers loving lifestyle and science magazines. The picturesque images of Monaco and Italy inspire her to travel. Meanwhile, rocks and fossils amaze her as a young kid, and they lead to her fascination of people and culture. She does not end up studying archaeology though. It is Development Communication major in Journalism that becomes her degree at the university. She decides to teach English and Journalism subjects right after graduation; such career prompts her to finish a degree in Master of Arts (English and Literature Teaching) through a scholarship from the Philippine government. She is also a church worker at the UCCP in her hometown of Batangas, Philippines. One of her ministries in church is writing made concrete through newsletters. Angelica now lives in Maryland, USA with her husband Danny whom she prays with everyday and attends fellowships with every Sunday. She teaches part-time at a community college in Maryland, and finds education as one of her ministries. Her mission to serve God and His people unfolds in this blogsite through her thoughts, experiences, and prayers.