On students’ security

Schools are called a children’s second home for a reason. A school is an institution where a student learns and is developed. It is a place where he is protected and safe. Some twenty years ago, the reputation of schools being a student’s second home started to erode what with mass shootings, violence involving guns, and gang wars. In order for schools to be a place where safety abounds, they need to have security measures. It is in this light that I would say that security measures not only are a good idea but also are a necessity in schools.

School administrators and parents alike will have peace of mind if the school’s security system is in place. They will be more at ease knowing that equipment like metal detectors, electronic turnstiles (for proper identification of students and visitors as well), and CCTV cameras will prevent potential harm. Besides acting as preventive measure tools, these equipment can also be relied on to in terms of identifying perpetrators, as in the case of CCTV cameras. This is very helpful in cases like gang wars and bullying. However, a school needs to ensure that the equipment they use are fit to their needs. A CCTV camera needs to be working properly, otherwise it will defeat the purpose of ensuring safety in a school. It is apparent that not all students like the idea of having their bags checked every time they go inside the campus, or having to walk through an electronic turnstile to enter the portals of a school. In the long run, students are assured of a safe and secure environment.

Some private schools in Southeast Asia hire security guards in order to ensure that people who go inside the institutions have no guns and other weapons and that they have proper identification before they be allowed entry. It is an admitted fact that students do not like wearing uniforms. Instead of schools requiring students to have uniforms, they can have a “No ID, No Entry” policy. Anyone without an ID will not be allowed to enter the school’s premises. Even this ID policy needs to be applied to school employees as well. A holistic way of ensuring the safety of students also means making sure that people who are working in schools are safe. Even guests and visitors coming to schools need to be checked for security purposes. In the long run, having efficient security measures in schools may be costly at first, and may be inconvenient especially for students, but will be beneficial for all.


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