Oh, how I miss these!


Sisig, a popular Filipino dish

  1. Four-dollar one-hour whole body massages;
  2. Coffee and pastry with my friends;
  3. Sisig at The Other Place Restaurant in Batangas City;
  4.  Baby sister’s home-cooked meals;
  5. Laiya, Bohol, and Boracay beaches;
  6. Busy crowds in the cities/downtown areas, malls, churches, wherever;
  7. Home-service manicure and pedicure;
  8. Sago at gulaman and palabok at Goldilocks;
  9. All-natural Buko (Coconut) juice; and
  10. One-dollar hair cuts.

Thank you, dear Lord, for my Filipino roots. Amen!

photo credit: http://www.mykusinamasterrecipes.com/easy-sizzling-pork-sisig-recipe/

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