Thankful Angel


It is the first day of August and just like every day, it is timely to thank God for His blessings! The half of 2016 goes by so quickly — like a vapor, they say. So here are ten reasons why I am thankful and feeling blessed by His love (I am thinking of doing this every beginning of the month):

  1. Receiving His healing and sustenance for my family and loved ones;
  2. Having a grace-filled first three months of marriage;
  3. Meeting my sister’s medical needs through the love of family and friends;
  4. Having a peaceful and promising life in the US;
  5. Keeping in touch with family and friends all over the world;
  6. Going to church fellowships with my husband on Sundays (when his work schedule allows);
  7. Sustaining the commitment to a prayer-centered life;
  8. Starting my blogsite (;
  9. (Finally) beginning to read the Bible; and
  10. Having His peace and love.
photo credit: CCF Philippines

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