Because love

Love is the oft-used topic everyone talks about. Success stories narrate about an entrepreneur’s passion to build an empire or a CEO’s vision to market his or her company’s latest product. Both of which are fueled by love in its many forms. Love-related topics can be a new president’s commitment to deliver changes in a country, or an incoming leader’s promise to make a nation more developed. A stranger who helps a homeless person is a story of love. Our best friend’s message of support on our next project is also a manifestation of love. Even a thought or a prayer for a loved one or a family member is a showmanship of love, no matter how mute that may be.

Given the trends and topics we see on the internet or learn through media, it is easy to feel discouraged what with the prophecy on the end of the world, the disconnect created by political differences, or the inequality reflected by people from poor countries. It makes one remember the group Black Eyed Peas’ song “Where is the love?”.

How does one create love? Or how do we share it?

Matthew 22:39 (NIV) “And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Every day we are challenged to accept our brothers and sisters and that means understanding their weaknesses and letting them grow until they realize their fullness. Everytime someone wrongs us, isn’t it amazing to think that we, too, are like them? That at some point in our lives we are like children who commit mistakes. Without our families, loved ones, or neighbors who become patient with us while we are in the process of getting pruned, we are also like everybody — anxious, irate, temperamental. The Lord is so wise He gives us people, His instruments for our growth, who serve as our guideposts. When disappointed by someone or when dejected and miserable because a neighbor does you bad, look to the Lord. He has always been patient with us. He is our father whom we look up to for enlightenment when urges to be un-loving creep in.

We normally get defeated with our own regrets, insecurities, and fears. “I am the black sheep”, “He or she is better than me”, or “I will not make it to the top” are much-repeated expressions of lack of confidence in God. The single mother who works even on weekends to put her kids on a good school shows confidence in God, in particular, His grace and providence. Robbie, Adam Sandler’s character on the wedding singer, becomes miserable when his fiancee does not show up in their wedding because he doesn’t earn good money and lives only in the basement of her sister’s house. Towards the end he finds the love of his life in the person of Julia (Drew Barrymore) who falls in love with him because of his sweetness and honesty. He prefers Robbie over her fiance because the latter is arrogant and is a player. Read Romans 8:28 (NIV) and it will tell you that every detail in our life has its own purpose.

We see the love of God in people. Because God is able, He does wonders and transforms us so our brothers and sisters will see  His love for us. We then become vessels of His greatness. Given our imperfections, we can choose to bring with us His light for other people to see. Today, let us remember at least one person who, in his or her own capacity, lifts us so we, too, can carry others. He or she can be anyone — your mother, your boss, the barber, the bus driver, your spouse, or a stranger. We can do what they have done, or perhaps, we already are doing it. In that case, continue spreading His love. Because He lives inside us, we can tap His love and share it with others.


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