A sense of content

Many a times have I encountered the phrase that says there is joy in contentment. I believe I affirm this to myself earlier, while praying inside the car and looking at nature as we drive to a terminal thirty-some miles away from our house.

“I cannot survive the day without praying,” I tell a friend. It is true. My heart feels heavy when I know I have not prayed yet. (I pray at least twice a day.) In one of our conversations, I have to excuse myself from her. “I will be back in a few minutes, have to finish praying.” That is my line. And my friend says okay. I feel blessed that most of my friends, if not all, respect my faith.

So while the car is passing by fields of green and  gold, I catch myself talking to the Lord, yet again, how I want nothing more except that I and my family and loved ones, and brothers and sisters in Christ, receive nothing but His faith, grace and love. While my families have their own loads to bear, I feel obliged to pray not just for them but for brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries, too.

Peace is what I receive while praying. Contentment is what I get after praying.

Oh, and by the way, I also tell my friend that even I cannot explain how I survive in life all these years. “The Lord carries me. Without Him, I am nothing,” I share with her, to which she replies, “You are right. He does the same to me.” And she goes on saying that it is her aunt and uncle who become her parents when her biological mother and father pass on even before she turned ten years old.

My prayers have become more and more simple as I find myself leveling up with my faith. I find out that the moment I believe, He already gives me whatever I ask Him. Even my requests become better and bigger. I ask for miracles to happen in the most impossible of situations, like healing from a serious illness, mending of marred relationships, and receiving that big break. It is still the same tone of prayer; giving thanks, asking for forgiveness and praying for His grace. Only now, there is a sense of calm. And the purpose? Clear. It is that everything be used for His glory. So everyone will know, and will also believe.


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