On being grateful

“Thank you, po!”

It is a good kind of surprise when my husband fluently exclaims those words. The manner he says it is full of positivity and happiness. I know my husband catches me saying that phrase a couple of times. And so there he is, driving in the highway under the scorching heat of summer, saying “thank you, po!” like he really understands what the last word means.

My heart is smiling as we continue driving towards the direction of a mall north of our town. I explain to Danny that “po” is a commonly used tagalog word which shows courtesy especially to older people, and how some Filipino youths are using this to express endearment like in “I love you, po.”

I stop and smile. Do I ever say thank you to all the people who do me good? How do I express my gratitude and appreciation to the kind souls who go out of their way to save my day? What about to family, friends and strangers who make an impact in my life; do I even say thank you?

How is it possible to thank all the people who are there for us when we are in need of help or when we need souls to comfort us?

Looking over my Facebook now, I see the young adults I teach during their kindergarten or elementary years. They are taller than me now. How they have grown as handsome, intelligent young men! Their mothers trust me to develop their skills in their subjects. They also trust me the development of their young kids, that they be able to become responsible people. That very trust helps me to have extra allowance in school. I will walk miles from my students’ house to our house to save money. The salary I get from being a tutor and the little savings I have are what I spend on school projects and activities. Whenever I remember how those jobs help me in times of need, I think about my students’ mothers. I consider them God’s angels; one of His many ways of showing His providence to His children.

Just when I need something like some money, a friend or a miracle, God is there—giving me His grace. What I consider as an ordinary day becomes an eventful one for me. I visit one of my aunts in her mini groceries store after my tutorial class. Her house is on the street where I pass by to get home, so I figure I may as well see her, ask how her day is or talk about just anything. It is already dark (because I do my tutorial classes after school) when I tell her it is time for me to go home. Before I head for the door of her store, she gives me twenty pesos (Philippines peso) which is an equivalent of almost ¢50 in US dollars. I tell you, it is as if I receive a million dollar. The amount of money she gives me does not matter at all for what I find amazing about it is that she cares for me and she looks after me. That moment, I feel I can do anything. I tell myself, “Someday, I will be successful and share with others my blessings.” I see Jesus in my aunt. I find Jesus in every person who generously gives their heart, their time, and their love for me.

Writing about all the miracles and graces Jesus gives me through His children will mean writing billions of stories as His love for us overflows. What miracle did He give you today? Lamentations 3:22-23 expresses that “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is Your faithfulness.”

Today, I say “Thank you, dear Lord for your angels who are there for us; making our lives rich and profound, Amen.”


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